Monday, November 24, 2008


Yes, you read it right, a new post! I have been harassed lately from family and friends about an update, so here it goes! We live in Oklahoma now, not really a huge change from Kansas. The weather is nice, sunny and crisp! It is quite windy lately, and that is what really makes it chilly. The kids are doing great and growing so quickly! Kyran just had his six birthday! He is doing well with home school and has began to read. It is an amazing thing to watch your children begin to read, seems like such a big kid thing to do! He loves to do building projects with daddy and crafting projects as well! Kegan is such a hands on boy. He is a sweet boy with a rough and tumble side too! He loves to play the Wii and is a pro bowler! He has just learned to ride his bike with no training wheels, so the boys are beginning to ask for a ramp for their bikes! Kaylin is the little princess, except she can hold her own. She has been known to tackle one of the boys too! She loves to have tea, play with her dolls, and have her toes painted! Jeremy and I are dong well and keeping busy. Jeremy is wanting to get into wood working, which I think he will enjoy. This is a first time he has had time for a hobby, so that is a blessing to him. He has also started a bible study for guys on post with one of his friends from the navigators, so that is exciting as well. As for me, I have gotten back into quilting and am loving it! It is a lot more fun when you actually have time to do it! I have been home a lot, which I like, but are ready to start getting involved with some ministries. I am going to try to keep with my blog, so I dont feel like I am updating all the time! =) Email me if you dont see anything in awhile! Have a warm Thanksgiving with family and friends!

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The Mosers said...

I have been waiting for an update!! Happy Birthday Kyran! Glad you all are doing well, and thank you for your comments on my blog :)
Think about you all the time, especially when I go to IKEA!! MIss you all! Lots of love from us!